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After spending a lot of time doing research for best organic products out there and trying different product lines along with my amazing customers (who agreed to be my beautiful models along this journey so we can figure out together and carefully choose the best options out there ).
Oliveda and Obagi have been my favorite products and I decided to have all my clients experience those amazing products during facials, hydrodermabrassion and other services I offer.
During each session, I love to educate my clients about what they use as a regiment at home, also what is being used on their skin during each service.

For hydrodermabrassion services I have carefully chosen Zemits line of serums due to the fact that it is the only cosmetic line without alcohol.



Obagi Medical provides transformational skin care products formulated to minimize signs of skin aging, address dark spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and to protect and enhance skin tone and texture.


Oliveda replaces the first ingredient of the usual WATER with the Olive Tree Elixir or pure arbequina oil derived from organically grown olive crops they own in Spain. It's in that elixir or oil that the most potent antioxidant compound, hydroxytyrosol, is found.


The Zemits Cosmetic line is the only one that doesn't contain any alcohol, compared with other HydroDermabrasion Serums on the market.

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